Just for fun.. Clarissa Part 2

I wanted to post something as it has been a few days since I posted last. I have been very busy writing although not posting on this blog. I thought it would be appropriate to share a little of what I have been working on. A short piece I had written just for fun, to step out of my box and try something different has become a fun project and is on it’s way to becoming a full manuscript. At a little over 25,000 words I have started the second part of the three that the book will be composed of. Here I chose to share the opening pages of the second part. I am also looking for a few adventurous souls that may like to read the first part and share some thoughts as far as story line and flow. It is a romance/mystery/fantasy/ kind of story a love triangle of sorts that spans centuries. In turn I will give you a signed copy of the book when it is published. Here it is part two….

Part 2 Clarissa

Jake woke up suddenly forgetting for a moment where he was, he thought he was dreaming, when he opened his eyes and saw the mountains surrounding him. The sun was just rising and the orange red clouds hiding the peaks of the mountains added to the dream like effect. It was almost surreal three days ago he was in New York City looking at the orange red clouds hiding the tops of the sky scrapers breathing in the exhaust of thousands of vehicles. He opened the door and headed for the restroom, he took a deep breath of the cool mountain air feeling its freshness in his lungs. He was at a rest stop in Colorado the sign said “no name” Jake that that was ironic as he wondered what his name was. He was sure for the last 44 years it was Jake, then he met Sandra 3 days ago, now he wasn’t so sure.
He heard the roar of the river as he walked from the restroom back to his “Betsy” when he noticed a trail that led towards the river from the parking lot. A sign that said scenic view with an arrow on it, was off to the right in front of him. He decided to take a walk down the trail to the scenic view spot. It was a short walk to an area with a couple of benches, a marker of sorts, really more of a plaque that described the view, along with some historical facts about the Colorado River. Jake thought he heard a voice, turning he found no one near, he shrugged his shoulders figuring it was the wind. He sat on one of the benches and for a moment closed his eyes.
Meditate he thought, he got himself comfortable and started chanting silently to himself O, Mmmm- O- Mmmm- O-Mmmm, as he relaxed he felt like he was floating in the breeze. The purple cloud appeared as it had last time, this time it was a brighter purple. After a moment it seemed to turn more of a burgundy as it did so, a white slowly turning ball appeared in the center as it spun it seemed to move closer. The spinning ball seemed to pick up momentum as it came closer, Jake could almost sense the current of the river was helping it spin faster. He could also see the cloud begin to spin slowly seeming to move with the mountain breeze spinning the opposite direction of the ball. The movement of the cloud and the ball gave him feeling of calm yet powerful peace odd thought Jake he did not equate power and peace that way before.
He was very relaxed when he heard a voice in the distance, at first he thought it was coming from behind him, then it became apparent that it was all around him. Actually it was within him, inside his head inside the burgundy cloud. As it spoke the cloud began to change, turning a golden color like the sun with white stars flittering about all over and through it. The white ball seemed to be right in front of him then he heard the voice say”The Guardians await, enter the library.
” Jake inquired loudly with his thoughts “What library, where?” in answer to his question the cloud transformed into a beautiful scene. A great building that resembled an ancient Roman hall appeared where the swirling ball had been the golden cloud was replaced with a stunning field of green grass embraced by a cloudless azure sky. The building constructed of marble columns holding up a massive roof that was covered with gray slate tiles a graceful set of granite stairs led up to the building . The stairs seemed to emerge right out of a Loden green pond that dominated the foreground.
Twelve columns graced the front of the building in front of each was a statue of a Spartan Warrior kneeling his shield in a defensive position his phalanx pointed outward as if he was ready to thrust it into an unseen enemy. The building was immense there were no walls, the inside seemed empty. Jake was in awe knowing this was the library wondering how he was to find it and get inside in the physical world he lived in. Perhaps Sandra would know or maybe that was where Clarissa was going to take him. He heard the voice again this time it seemed closer “The Guardians await.”
“Somebody is knocking at the door, somebody is ringing the bell” screamed out of the stillness breaking the silence of his meditation. Jakes phone was ringing loudly; he had turned up the volume before he fell asleep. He didn’t want to miss Sandra’s call, they had spoken often as Jake drove across the many miles between Pennsylvania and Colorado where he now was. He was getting close to the end of his journey to Ojo Amarillo, New Mexico where he was to meet Clarissa.
“Good Morning gorgeous, how are you doing this beautiful day” Jake said as he answered the phone and started to walk to his jeep.
“Well thank you Uaine” responded a voice Jake had not heard before “you always have had the gift, flattery will get you everywhere. You don’t need to charm me I am already yours and can’t wait to see you.”
“I think you might have the wrong number” said Jake obviously distracted. “Who is this?”

Thank you for taking the time to stop by, I hope you enjoyed your time and the excerpt from my latest project. I also want to say thank you for being “Beautiful you” you are awesome! Thank you for sharing you love and your smiles making our world a better place for all we share it with!


Meet My Friend Joe

Joe Bradshaw:

I am truly honored. Sometimes people share the biggest smiles!

Originally posted on Reflections On Reality:

Ever since I started down the path of personal growth and self-discovery, I’ve met some amazing people along the way. My fellow Ippies (Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainers) immediately come to mind, along with other folks who strive to make a difference in this world. Earlier this year I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Joe Bradshaw at a public reading for the DiverseCity Writing Series sponsored by Salt Lake Community College.

My friend Joe

My friend Joe

Joe is one of those guys who, once you start talking to him, makes an immediate impression. He has a calm, reassuring demeanor about him, and when he speaks, his words are measured and deliberate. He is as real and down to earth as you can get. He is an artist, a writer, a thinker, a coach, and an all-around renaissance kind of guy. Joe is totally laid back, but his easy-going personality hides a side…

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Quantum Field.. A poetically expressed thought

I didn’t realize that you needed a Tumbler account to see the post I shared from there.. So here it is.

Quantum fields
Fields of dreams
Thoughts creating everything
Reality is not always as it seems
Quantum fields
Where we plant the seeds of what will be
Like magic those seeds sprout
Creating the reality that we see
Quantum field
Quarks and particles
Sub atomic strings the building blocks of everything
Or so it seems as scientists share in their articles
The Ancient Philosophers of many lands
India, China, Persia and even Greece
Knew the laws of the Universe
The laws of harmony and peace
Quantum fields
It is a popular debate
For many who believe and don’t
What is that energy that creates?
A lady told me recently
Boson is another name for God
Funny the Pope even said
He is not a gray haired man with a magic rod
Perhaps it as Lau Tzu said
There is no name for the creator of all things
How can we name what we can’t see
Sub atomic energy so small yet a part of everything
I sit in the silence of my mind
Sub atomic particles, thoughts begin to form
Seeds in a quantum field
Waiting to be born
Thank you for being you and for stopping by I hope you enjoyed the poem. :)


Sunday morning post “Coaches’ having Coffee.” A guest blog

We all have different perspectives and thoughts, so I asked my friend Appio to sit and have a cup of coffee with me .Before we met; we had been discussing the fact that not all coaches are the same. Not all styles of coaching will resonate with everyone. I am a laid back down to earth kind of person that doesn’t like to get all fired up and “gungho” like many of the coaches and trainers you might find in a gym for example.

My friend Appio is more of a busy action happy kind of coach that is for the most part like the trainer at the gym. I found that as we all have our own learning styles and we all have different ways that we are motivated it would be nice to share another perspective with those who read my posts. It is my intent to inspire, incite and evoke positive change from within so that we may all achieve a state or at least the desire to achieve a state of human excellence in our world.

Good Morning, I would like to introduce you to a great friend, his name is Appio Hunter.

Appio Hunter 02.03

Appio is a “Happiness Coach” & Certified “Infinite Possibilities Trainer” the first thing that came to my mind when Appio handed me his card was ”What is a Happiness Coach” So to start the interview that was my first Question…
Joe: “Appio just out of curiosity what is a happiness coach and why did you choose that title?”
Appio:” I have felt since I was about 5 years old that my life’s purpose was to help people be happy. There is an epidemic of sadness and depression in our society, I have found and it is known that just hearing the word “Happy” brings about a state of happiness.”
Joe: “Awesome, I am curious, why did you mention sadness and depression? It seems unusual that as a happiness coach you would mention their opposites.”
Appio:” I have had a life long battle with depression and the thought process. For me it is a medical condition, I have a chemical imbalance that causes me to feel sad and depressed. I was prescribed drugs in my earlier years that would take bring relief from the depression yet they would also make me feel like a zombie of sorts. If that makes sense, I didn’t like the feeling the drugs produced anymore than I liked the effects of the depression I felt. I slowly weaned myself off of those drugs and have not taken them in many years. “
Joe: “Interesting I have heard that from many people that have that same condition. I am curious as to what is your secret to overcoming or controlling your condition?”
Appio: The life changer for me, my secret was discovering the works of “Mike Dooley” his books and quotes. I started getting his e mails “Notes from the Universe” they were quite inspirational. One day at the bottom of one of those notes was a note… It basically said become an Infinite Possibilities Trainer” I took the course and was so inspired I took it to the next level. I am a member of the LGTB Community and a member of the Gay writes writing group. There is a need for positive inspiration, some of the members of the writing group were in their own battles of depression. The next level of becoming a “Trailblazer” required becoming a teacher of the skills learned as a trainer by giving back, providing a service to the community. Within one month of finishing the course I had met the requirements to become a “Trailblazer.” I had taught and coached over six members of the community the skills and shared the tools of how to recognize and change their thought patterns.”
Joe:” If you could what would be the most important things you would share with me and the readers of my blog?”
Appio:” Happiness surrounds us, and it is always there for us to reach out and claim for our own. If we’re feeling sad, miserable, or depressed, it’s okay. Those feelings will pass as long as we acknowledge them and let them flow. We’re not here to be tried, sentenced, judged, and punished. We’re here to laugh, love, thrive, be happy, and have fun.”
Don’t ignore or try to suppress your feelings. You only feel worse if you do. Instead, acknowledge how you feel and then let yourself feel whatever it is you want to feel. Emotions are supposed to flow, so let them flow.
Your best friend when feeling sad or depressed is distraction. When you can’t seem to get rid of negative thoughts, distract yourself by flipping the thought around to its exact opposite. You can also make a gratitude list, and then supercharge your gratitude by celebrating everything on that list.
When nothing else works, just move into gratitude.
If you can learn to be grateful for the “bad” things that happen, you’ll discover that even the bad things can be something good.”
Joe: “Thank you Appio, that is some pretty awesome advice and wisdom you chose to share. How much do I owe you? Lol, lets get a refill and have some cake!
Look for Appio’s new book to be released in late November The Power of G: Unforgettable Lessons on How Gratitude Can Transform Your Life! By Appio Hunter
You can also find out more about him or his services here on his websites and I hope you will…

Thank you all for being you, you are all amazing and awesome human beings. I am quite honored to share time and space with you all, together we are changing our world in a positive way as we share our love and our smiles, we are making it a better place for all we share it with! :)

We all wobble and it is all good :)

Some days it is just hard to find that happy place even for a person that has spent years learning and knowing how to turn their thoughts around. I woke up this morning dreaming about a lady I loved very deeply. I have worked the loss through my whole box of tools and let go yet for some reason I woke up early this morning with her in a dream. I think I spent most of the morning trying to forget the dream even though just like any other thought I choose not to embrace I know it is better to acknowledge it and let it go.
I don’t want to say I had a bad day or I wasn’t happy I was for the most part a happy me all day! I broke out my happy face and I started working on one of my book projects.
Then I needed a hug… I gave myself a hug!

Then I listened to some music and wrote some more.

Then I just let it go… I know that things are going beautifully and how they are supposed to be. The truth is even a Master sometimes has a wobble. I think sometimes we need to have a little wobble in our lives to appreciate how far we have come and how much we have learned.
I Hope you all appreciate all the things you have done and accomplished in your lives and when you feel the wobble you appreciate even more how far you have come! One of my Uncles recently shared a quote with me from one of my favorite movies he remembered I loved as a young man. The movie was “Jeremiah Johnson” a story of a man who left the drama of war and society to become a mountain man. He didn’t have a clue how to survive a winter in the wild and forbidding mountains, yet he was fortunate in meeting a seasoned old timer that shared with him the tools to survive. Some years later they met again Jeremiah was cooking a rabbit over the fire and his friend shared what my Uncle shared with me regarding my life and my spiritual growth. “You have come a long way Pilgrim” I was honored and touched by the sentiment and the recognition.
You have all come a long way to get this far! Remember you are awesome and you are amazing, you are a part of the Human Race, you are changing the world and creating history. I bow humbly and reverently as I acknowledge you wobble and all stand tall and know you have accomplished much on your journey and the journey is young. I hope you accomplish the highest of your goals and live your dreams.
Thank you for allowing me to share a thought or two it is a gift to have the opportunity to do so. I am grateful and appreciate you for sharing your love and your smiles you are making our world a better place for all we share it with.

Thoughts of the mirror and water.. empowering you!

The most powerful empowerment tool is the one you see when you look in the mirror. I often hear the expression that “the relationships, the people you meet, the things you see in others, is a reflection of you. I wonder at times how true that is as that was shared with me more than once today. I almost shared it with a good friend yet chose to use that mirror with her in a different way.

As I talked with my friend I recalled a scene in a movie I truly enjoy and have watched several times. In it there is a scene that says so much about the power of that mirror as an empowerment tool or as a tool of destruction. The lady in the film is feeling rather down and beating herself up after a night of drinking and wild sex or so the viewer is lead to believe. She smashes the tube of toothpaste and breaks the mirror as she tells herself she is ugly and that she hates herself. As the faucet drips the lady has tears falling down her face and she has a brief memory of an experiment conducted by a famous physicist.

The experiment is a rather powerful one conducted by Dr. Masaru Emoto where he labels water bottles with various emotional words and then takes pictures of the water molecules the next day. The affect of just labeling the water bottles on the molecules is profound. Here is a clip from the movie “What the Bleep do we know” where the experiment is briefly described and the memory the lady has in her moment of realization.

As the lady realizes the power of her thoughts and words she laughs and starts to draw hearts and symbols of love all over her body. She has a new perspective about what she sees in the mirror and how powerful and healing the words can be if she chooses to use those that are based on love and are chosen in a empowering and beautiful way. She realizes the power of self love as she realizes how much of our physical beings are composed of water.

My friend has spent thousands of dollars learning the tools of empowerment, in many modalities she has studied enough to have a Doctorate in self empowerment and the art of self love. She has spent many years studying spiritual paths and philosophy. She has a tool box of tools that would allow her to be a licensed therapist she even has two Degrees yet she still calls me and sheds her tears as she wrestles with self love and the labels she still holds on to.

As I chatted with her today I expressed my thoughts to her in the most beautiful way I knew how. I shared with her the truth about all of that education and knowledge.. It is absolutely useless if you don’t implement it and use it in your life! Take a few minutes and go find a mirror and tell me what you see! I feel that when you look in that mirror even if you see ugly in the initial moment when you look deep into your eyes you will laugh at the thought. There is no way you can actually look into your own eyes and feel anything less than loved by your inner self or your soul. It may take a few minutes maybe longer yet if you stand there and look into your eyes and soul long enough you will see the true beauty and love you have inside of you.

The best tool I can share is the Mirror! You may at first want to break it… then what do you see? Through the tears you see the one person on this planet that loves you just for being you! If not then I hope you will think about the clip I shared with you and the fact that the majority of your physical being is water. Take a pen and write the words love, beautiful, peace, and draw hearts and smiles all over your skin and write love over and over again until you feel it transform your cells and your heart tells you that yes you are love and you are loved.

When you do that every one you meet, every relationship you have, every reflection you see will be one of love and beauty. True change true love and true reflection start within look within your beautiful eyes and see the love of who you are love yourself and be beautiful. Use the tools nature has given us use your thoughts and water as a reflection of what you are a spiritual being in a physical body that is mostly water. When you see yourself reflected in that pool, or lake or, mirror, remember how powerful and beautiful love is! Love yourself and use the empowering tools you have to love and be you!

Thank you for being you, remember you can have all the knowledge in the world and a whole tool box of tools yet they are not doing you any good if you don’t use them! I would also encourage you to watch the movie “What the Bleep do we know” if you haven’t seen it. It may change the way you think about thinking! :)