The first Page… The manuscript is becoming a book.

As Jake was driving to work his mind raced, his heart ached, and he didn’t want to go to work. He was wondering what he was going to do and where he was going to live after the previous nights “shock and awe” bombardment. He was wondering what his kids thought as he pulled out of the Lincoln Tunnel and turned on 10th Avenue in New York City he jammed on the brakes just in time to avoid hitting a well dressed, red head with a body that could stop a train. .
The lady was walking across the street against a red light in morning rush hour traffic creating all kinds of havoc and a couple of fender benders.
What the hell, is that lady doing, thought Jake as he looked for napkin to clean up the coffee he just spilled all over the seat of his” Betsy”. He looked up from the consol and saw the lady staring into his eyes. She walked towards his Jeep, which was now stopped in the middle of the intersection, being relentlessly honked at as the other five lanes of traffic began slowly moving. He was immediately drawn to and captivated by her; he wondered why she was staring at him. He rolled down the window and asked “What are you doing lady are you crazy?”
“I came to see you Jake and we need to talk, you haven’t got much time, you need to get moving.” She said.
“What are you talking about, do I know you?” Jake inquired almost shouting so he could be heard over the blaring horns.
“Are you going to let me in or make me stand here and explain?” She asked smugly
Jake was not sure if he should let her in or not yet she knew his name, he was quite curious, and enchanted with her beauty. What harm could she do he thought she is half my size and doesn’t look like an axe murderer even if she is there was no way she was hiding an axe in that outfit. He unlocked the door and told her to get in. As she sat down the fragrance of spring and flowers seemed to come from her perfume making him somehow feel lighter, and full of joy.
“So Gorgeous would you like tell me how you know my name and why you are looking for me?” Jake asked.
“I knew you would be here this morning you drive to work this way every day. Funny I thought you would ask my name before you asked me why I was looking for you. After all you do like to know who you are talking to don’t you. My name is Sandra and I am a friend of yours I have been for close to three thousand years.” She replied as she looked at him and smiled.
“What?’ exclaimed Jake” Three thousand years is a long time and in case you hadn’t noticed I am not that old to be honest even though I am forty-three I don’t feel ancient. And you my beautiful friend can’t be a day over thirty, thirty five at the most.”

:) The first page of my now being polished manuscript. 65,000 words is a great accomplishment. Making them coherent and crafting them into a work of art is an act of love and perhaps

Thank you for stopping by. This project has been taking up much of my time along with my other writing projects… Resumes and cover letters! If you are interested in reading more I have the first three chapters finished and would be more than happy to share them with Via email in exchange for you honest feed back. I am trying to have the manuscript polished and ready to send out Query letters as I start the new year.Your thoughts and suggestions would be most welcome. For your assistance I will send you a signed copy of the book when it is published early next year.

Thank you all for being beautiful and being you!

Waiting… A poetically expressed thought

Everything thing is in motion
Dreams planted like seeds from ocean to ocean
What to do next I haven’t a notion
The energy is so thick and dense
Being in alignment it only makes sense
Not to worry about what’s over the fence
I know that things are beginning to grow
Things that are special I truly know
My heart and my mind they tell me so
The work of alignment meditation of mind and heart
Truly the best way to make a new start
Now for the waiting…
The hardest part

Years of learning, implementing and contemplating come to an end and a new beginning. Seeds planted with intent from a place of true body mind and heart alignment. All that is left to do is let it all go water those seeds with love and the knowing that they will grow… Now all one can do is wait for the flowers to grow and then bloom!


It is quite an amazing feeling to know that you have taken the time to plant your seeds in your field of dreams after you have learned from the Masters. Baby steps and positive thoughts are all you can do as you move deeper into the unknown, knowing that something is happening that will make all the efforts worthwhile. Change is sometimes harder than we would think yet the rewards are far beyond what we could ever imagine even if they are not the ones we thought we would receive.


From a chunk of coal to a diamond it is quite a process, I want to say thank you all for being you, diamonds shining bright and beautiful through the darkness we all at times travel through!

Namaste :)

An ignorant White? Or a Beautiful Human Being!

Joe Bradshaw:

I felt it was appropriate to share this post again, in a recent commentary on a post I was asked to define a few things about my perspective as far as pouring gas on the fire of racism.

Originally posted on Iamforchange's Blog:

I am inspired to share some thoughts by revealing a truth we all know. First I would say that the following is my opinion and my heart felt belief. It is probably true for many, the ugly dark side of our beings is lesson humanity has for centuries failed to grasp. Since the beginning of man and the creation or evolution whatever perspective you choose, we have sought to dominate, eliminate and or control those that do not look like us or don’t believe the same as us.

I had the best of intentions when I made a comment on a blog that seeks justice for a young man that in my country they consider a “minority”. I believe in the call and the cause for justice to be served yet felt that the approach taken was perhaps offensive to some. I had mentioned that love was the answer not…

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Happy Thanksgiving… Everyday is a gift to be thankful for

Every day is a gift I choose to be Grateful for
Thanksgiving Day is special that is for sure
Where we give thanks even more
Today is a day of love and grace
No matter your religion, creed or race
As we sit down to our meals all over the place
Some say prayers before they eat
Their wonderful meals and their tasty treats
Some choose tofu for their Thanksgiving feasts
Whatever it is that you do this day
I hope that you do it in a loving way
I wish you and yours a day filled with love and joy
On this very special day
Happy Thanksgiving!

I wish you the best where ever you are if you are in a place where it isn’t a holiday or you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving I wish you a day filled with love and grace, in my heart you are with me at my table sharing a meal and some smiles as we express our gratitude and thanks for the gift of life and the love we have in our lives.
Thank you all for being You, and doing all the beautiful things you do! You are awesome and I am quite blessed to be given the opportunity to share this time and space with you. Thank you!

Namaste :)

The Elephant… Don’t you see it?

The Elephant in the room….
Why is it that many of us human beings don’t acknowledge the obvious? We can look at the Elephant in the room and act like we don’t see it.
There are many issues in our personal lives and in our communities, cities, states, nations, and our world that the old saying applies to. (war, homelessness, racism, hunger, poverty, to name a few)
Do we just choose not to see it? Is it fear that stops us?
I had several conversations with friends about the issues they were experiencing in their lives that reminded me of the old saying “The Elephant in the room” first it would be helpful to define the saying for those who may not have heard it or those that really have taken no time to understand what it means.
Wikipedia says: “Elephant in the room” or “Elephant in the living room” is an English metaphorical idiom for an obvious truth that is either being ignored or going unaddressed. The idiomatic expression also applies to an obvious problem or risk no one wants to discuss.
The Oxford English Dictionary gives the first recorded use of the phrase, as a simile, as The New York Times on June 20, 1959: “Financing schools has become a problem about equal to having an elephant in the living room. It’s so big you just can’t ignore it.”[3]
The conversations were for the most part about the issues that they were dealing with; the largest cause of those issues was their own negative attitudes and perspectives. Most of them were running from the issue rather than going within and changing their perspectives. I was guilty recently of trying to shut out the rest of the world and focus… Not how it works!
Much like what was happening with my friends and family I was ignoring the “Elephant in the room.” Life doesn’t work that way nor can I just be a master of my mind and heart in solitude. I did need to take some time and get focused, mastery would be something that I have to do in my everyday life, in my encounters with the energy and attitudes that others.
The only one that can make things change in your life is you, what is your relationship with the Elephant in the room? Are you ignoring your pains and your negative attitude or those of your friends and loved ones pretending that they are not the problem?
We owe it to ourselves, our friends, our families to deal with the elephant! Go deep, confront then release your fears and negativity, and let those feelings go free. They like the elephant they do better out in the open than caged up in the room!
Thank you for being you, you are beautiful and quite awesome, I appreciate your taking the time to stop by and read my posts. It brings a great smile, speaking of which… Your smiles and the love you share are making our world a better place for all we share it with! Thank you for being the positive change our world so needs!

Namaste 


Joe Bradshaw:

The Ugly and the beauty found in ugliness… when will it end?

Originally posted on aplaceforpoetry:

In the rubble of a bombsite cries a man who is afraid;
his young wife and child went missing when the bird fell from the sky;
and his neighbours come a-running from the homes that can’t be saved.

This man is digging with his fingers for the little girl he made,
desperation in his shouting that the bird took her away.
In the rubble of a bombsite cries a man who is afraid.

There are tears across his country, but the grit is in his eye.
He is calling for his baby, but his throat is raw and dry;
and his neighbours come a-running from the lives that can’t be saved.

So many lonely people left by loved ones swept away,
by the restless wings of predators who fall upon their prey.
In the rubble of a bombsite cries a man who is afraid,

but who falls upon the ground…

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My Message in a Bottle

Joe Bradshaw:

I would like to share the message shared with me in a bottle. Barbara has shared much kindness and love with many of us as well as from us as she re posts those blog posts that touch many. Barbara’s message in the bottle resonates with my heart and I would like to say Thank you Barbara for sharing such a wonderful message in a bottle for us all to find! Hugs!

Originally posted on idealisticrebel:

To whomever finds my message:

I have filled this bottle with Love, Peace, Patience, Compassion, Empathy, Gratitude, Beauty, Forgiveness and Kindness.

I believe that when we sow the seed of these ideas with words and plant them in the soil of life and add water and sunlight, we can grow Peace.  Peace is the trunk of the Tree of Life.

If, every day, every person performed one Peaceful act, shared beauty with one other person, shared forgiveness with one who needs it, then we would have the beginnings of the Peace we need.

Everyday that you touch someone else with kindness, with compassion and peace, you make an imprint on their heart and on their soul that will gradual help them find their way to a life lived in peaceful harmony with everyone in the world.

This could erase racism, sexism, ageism, all forms of bigotry and the violence that comes…

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