4200/4200= Humanity united…


In a group I participate in discussions in on LinkedIn, the Spiritual Writers Assoc. I came across an interesting discussion and thoughts  being shared. So I thought I would share a few thoughts and a Mathematics Equation to a problem as it was noted by a participant in the group. The law of Mathematics is quite undeniable and is used to verify everything in science so I would like to share an answer to a very important issue in a mathematical way.

The discussion is titled:
Can all religions be considered as different pathways to know God?
The comment shared below inspired this post and the math;
Abdo Salem
Writer at Google
It is clear that all pathways to God, founded by the prophets of the past, are ideal. But in reality they became a reason for fight and killing. There is no choice. You inherit your belief from your society and rare are those who choose after that. Now all beliefs are growing in parallel lines and their meeting is impossible unless they reached the eternity or infinity. This is the logic of mathematics which prevail this age. So we need one equation that can gather all pathways in one way.

Gregg Anderton Religion & Spirituality Supervisor
There are more than 730 established Religions in the world which are broken out into more the 3200 different sects. Other sources say there are 4200

My answer is this 4200/4200= 1

4200 Religions and sects divide humanity if 4200 religions and sects were to unite then we would once again have one united humanity.

There is only 1 humanity of which we are all a part of one planet we live on one solar system that planet exists in one galaxy that solar system is part of one Universe that humanity, the Earth, the Solar system, the Galaxy and many other galaxies are part of. Even though the Universe seems to be divided it is one Universe. As I would like to share in my way that as divided as we are by our religious beliefs we are one, humanity.

Funny thing about all those religions, sects and the division they cause is that they all share a common belief that we should all treat each other as we would be treated…

Perhaps it is time we as human beings did some simple math divide your religion by one and what do you get for an answer? That answers is the same as my answer 1 apply that to our world and our one common ground no matter religion, race, creed, health, wealth, where you live how you live, clothed, naked, hungry or full/// we are one Human Race.. one Humanity it may be that we appear divided yet what divides us?

The power of one, the power of one humanity united Imagine that and what we could accomplish and how we could change our world. Imagine if religion were not part of the equation yet the values of our combined religious beliefs were actually practiced instead of preached where we could be as far as human evolution. Imagine a world where kindness prevailed and there was peace in all corners of the globe.

Thank you, Abdo Salem for asking the question and expressing the need to present the problem in a mathematical way. Thank you, Gregg Anderson for your statistics.

Thank you all for allowing me to share my thoughts and my math skills in the hope of inspiring a solution to the largest dividing factor of our collective Humanity…Thank you all as well for being you and being the positive change our world so needs. By sharing your smiles and sharing your love you are making our world a better place for all we share it with. 


Quantum N.L.P. The Law Of Attraction, one of my new writing projects:)

Just wanted to share this post as it is the first of many in a new collaborative project with one of the most well known and influential Quantum N.L.P. Masters and an international presence in the Consciousness community Christiane Turner. Christiane is a very amazing and inspirational Human Being. I am honored to have been given such a wonderful opportunity.


What exactly is the Law of Attraction?
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A warm welcome to my new collaborator Joe Bradshaw from iamforchange.wordpress.com
Together we bring you ideas, information and resources to help you live the life of your dreams in high consciousness.Enjoy.

One of the most common questions asked is “What is the Law of Attraction”

We attract whatever we choose to give our attention to–whether wanted or unwanted.
This Law is Universal because it does not matter who you are, where you live, what your religious beliefs are, what year you were born…the Law is true for everyone equally. It is as true as the Law of Gravity.

New scientific discoveries show us clearly that we are creating our reality through the use of our language. By teaching ourselves more effective language patterns, our brain automatically forms new neurological pathways which naturally lead to new behaviors and habits.

We humans are actually very powerful attractors and we can use this wonderful, god-given power to attract more of what we want in life-simply by paying attention to where we place our thoughts and desires.

The Attraction Principle

When you examine this phenomenon from the perspective of the “Attraction” principle, it implies that the experiences, people and things we want in our life can come to us versus us going out there to get them. We are literally drawing them to us. We are letting them come to us. It’s an outward/inward movement as we are sit back and act receptive. The actions taken in that energy concentrate on meditation, prayer and setting our intent. There is very little actual DOING associated with the “Attraction” principle.
All of these aspects perfectly align with the YIN, which stands in stark contrast to the YANG aspects, exemplified in the energy which we attach to the word “manifestation.” Again, just read the word and tap into your inner experience as you think about its meaning. Does “manifesting” sound more passive or active to you? Is it a principle that implies an inward/outward motion or is it more of an outward/inward expression? Are you sending out or drawing in?

By Christiane Turner, Quantum NLP
Featuring Joe Bradshaw with iamforchange blog

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I hope you enjoy the article.. Thank you for being you and I hope you all have a wonderful day. I also wish to thank you for making our world a better place as you share your love and share your smiles you are making the positive change our world needs and making our world a better place for all we share it with!

Namaste :)

Reinvention of me or aligning with my inner being?

Today I was paid an incredible compliment by a respected friend that caused me to not only smile and say thank you it caused me to ask myself a few questions. Re invention or alignment was the first question I had to ask after the initial smile. The second question was what did I really feel about the compliment and why?
After participating in the Veterans Writing group I co mentor the facilitator and sponsor at the V.A. Hospital, Mike Scott surprised me with a few thoughts he shared. He looked at me and said thank you for participating and being a part of the writing group as both a writer and a mentor. Then he expressed his admiration for my ability and the amazing way I have re invented myself. From carpenter to intellectual, and future life coach, NLP practitioner and public speaker as well as aspiring to spiritual mastery and being an inspirational being.
In the three years since Mike read one of my poems and asked me to be in his writing group he mentioned how much he has seen me grow and change. He was quite impressed with my progress and quite inspired and moved by my adaptability and my transformation especially in my spiritual presence. He asked if I would be interested in a position or would consider being a volunteer in the peer to peer counseling group. The compliments and the offers made me feel good! I know I am on the path I am supposed to be on and where I am supposed to be at this moment in my journey. Good things are happening and better things are yet to come as I assist and give service to my fellow human beings with love from my heart.
Did I re invent myself? I have had several comments on some of my blog posts that expressed the same sentiment. I have to say that I don’t know that that is the case; I am more inclined to say I have become more in line with who I am. The person I am and was meant to be as I came here in this physical form. Since my youth I have had the desire to express myself in an artistic way through poetry and visual art as well as verbally although in my younger years in a very direct and blunt way.


I have always had the desire to be me yet the influences of the world had the effect that peer pressure has on an individual and through fear limited my true expression of self both intellectually and spiritually. How many 9 year olds read Emerson or Thoreau… How many boys enjoyed or had even heard of Emily Dickinson let alone understood the depth of her soul in her expression of thoughts poetically? (She was a loner and rarely left her room) I was the one that walked to the beat of a different drum and rather than be the odd ball I conformed to society and family pressures.
As my former life crumbled and I spent more time in solitude I began to align with and find my inner being. To know and embrace my inner truth, the years of being a craftsman are a cherished gift yet as a young man my dreams were of a higher calling. I was a gifted and intelligent child with no means, from a family of little wealth and a formal education was beyond reach.


I have found that over the years my inner self has been calling me to align and be who I am rather than continue living in fear and succumbing to the expectations of others. Family was one of those that I was trying to live up the expectations of has seen the same change as my friend Mike and now supports and embraces the change and transformation I am going through. They know that the trying times I have been through over the last seven years, has been a good thing even though from the outside perspective seems to have been otherwise. My 100,000 $ + a year job gone and left behind for an uncertain future, my countless hours of study and research as well as the many hours, days , months and years of solitude to find and know “who and what I am”. Have been harder for them at times than it has been for me, yet I am lining up with who I am and what I came to do.
I am here to be a part of and add depth to the evolution of Consciousness and the greater mass conscious awareness of humanity. To help others align with their inner being and inspire them to become consciously aware of who they are and to express their individual and diverse perspectives and add to that mass consciousness.


I admire and embrace the concept that we in our own time have an obligation to contribute to the evolution of humanity in a positive and meaningful way. It is in our reach to become a better human race than we were yesterday and even more so than we were 2000+ years ago in the time of Jesus of Nazareth, and even more so than 3000 years ago in the time of the Greek philosophers and 5000 years ago in the time of Buddha or the times of the beginnings of the Hindu societies and the Great Ganesh. We have all the history and wisdom of the ancients to draw upon and create a better humanity and paint a picture of such beauty and grace that the ancients would be proud of what we create with the loving wisdom they left us to work with.
The first steps to doing so are to become consciously aware of who we are and align with our inner beings or higher selves and make those changes. It doesn’t require anything more than the desire and love of ourselves to do so and the willingness and effort to do so. For me it has taken seven years to unlearn what a lifetime taught me about living for the expectations of others and being afraid to be me.
I wanted to express my thoughts at the request of a friend that asked me to write a post from my heart that was inspiring and would help her find her “backbone” I would like to say we all have the capacity to change that process starts within, while you are there first find who you really are and want to be then know you can do it and do it even if the rest of the world seems to not understand at some point they will step back and say… I am in awe and admire you for re inventing yourself.. You can smile and say no I just lined up with who I am and who I was meant to be.. I am finally becoming me! 

Thank you for being you and being the change positive our world so needs by sharing your love and your smiles making our world a better place for all we share it with


My first meeting with the Law of Attraction group….:)

The Law Of Attraction, as most would say is, like attracts like, and is absolutely amazing when you think about it. We have all heard that saying “like attracts like” what does that mean and how does it happen?

I have asked myself that question and gone in search of the answer, perhaps because I became aware I could have more of what I wanted and live my dreams. I could just accept that I was born to provide physical labor in service of the rich and in turn as some would say accept my lot in life. Yet who are they to say what my lot is?
I started to explore the Law of Attraction a couple of years ago while studying the various perspectives about being “Consciously Aware”. I suppose I was meant to study it as it is relative to understanding consciousness and knowing. A few years back there was a movie called” the Secret” which is based on the Law of Attraction. I came upon the movie and watched it, several times in fact and then wanted to get the book as I did a search for the book and the law of attraction I was flooded with as many options and perspectives as I was in my studies of Consciousness.
There are so many people and so many shared perspectives it is quite amazing, one of the things I have been recognizing is the similarity in perspectives and the common theme between being consciously aware and the law of attraction, first is thoughts become things, then the recognizing you are not your thoughts and have control of them and last that like attracts like. It has been awesome learning and having so many teachers to learn from. One of my favorite teachers of the law of attraction is Abraham Hicks “Ester” and her husband Jerry http://www.abraham-hicks.com. Abraham is one of the most well known and recognized teachers of the Law of Attraction and what a fun lady to observe and hear speak. Ester is all energy and quite good amazing as she expresses herself and shares the words of Abraham.
I was invited to join a Law of Attraction group locally through a social media networking site that most of us know… FaceBook! Oh my one of those sites I had vowed years ago not to become too connected and involved in. Myspace was pure Drama in my world, kids neglected lonely women, dates and lots of well let’s just say drama that served its purpose and gave me what I was attracting.
My first experience with the Law of Attraction group was one of the monthly meetings I had been invited to attend by the organizer and group President Christiane Turner of Quantum NLP http://quantumnlp.net/. The group meeting was held at a nice book store and holistic healing shop in a meeting room in the back that I would guess was used for many purposes. The meeting began with a short greeting and then a nice meditation session led by Angela Gifford-Carter, of the Transformation Station followed by the main speaker of the meeting Kathy Hacking.
Kathy gave a beautiful speech and shared a wonderful perspective and lesson about the law of attraction that I learned a great deal from. She shared her perspective as she expressed her interpretation of what she learned through http://www.accessconsciousness.com as she studied their perspective and modalities. I was quite taken when she broke out her sun glasses and another six or so pairs of rose, yellow, red, blue and various other colors and started her lesson with the concept that we walk through life after the age of 8 or so with our sunglasses on. It is almost like a post I had shared about labels as the sun glasses represented the things that others taught us as we grew up and tainted our vision with the color of their perceptions and expectations. Those things that limit our ability to see with clarity and with our natural vision, the crap that is not ours limits our vision and affects our lives.
I was most appreciative of a clearing statement she shared, it is a real simple one that functions like a reset button on your computer. Pod poc that! Simple and effective if you use it and can grasp the concept, pod poc is a short version of the clearing statement taught at accessconsciousness in their teachings. Point of Destruction, point of creation, when you say the clearing statement you are asking that the issue or the crap that is not yours be taken to the point of creation and the point of destruction and recycled destroyed and transmuted into a positive light energy form. I personally have used it hundreds of times since that meeting as I find myself starting to think in a way that I was taught that may not resonate with the good thoughts I own and embrace. The negative self limiting ones imposed by society or my family for example. You can’t do that, that costs too much, you don’t have the education only the real lucky ones have it like that. What? Pod poc that! I believe in me the universe will take care of it, I am very intelligent and I create my own reality! Thoughts become things, like the little train going up that big hill… I think I can, I think I can, I think I can, I know I can! So can you think it believe it and know it! The Law of Attraction says so and so does being consciously aware of your thought and who you are! Think and know you are amazing and be amazing where ever you are no matter what the rest of the world thinks those thoughts are theirs and if they are not thinking and knowing you can while rooting for you It is their crap… Pod poc that!
The Clearing Statement
These crazy weird words are the Access Consciousness Clearing Statement® – a simple tool that thousands of people around the world use every day to continually create a life of ease, joy and glory.

It goes like this:
“Right and Wrong, Good and Bad, POD, POC, All 9, Shorts, Boys and Beyonds®”
The meeting ended with a short meditation and positive energy circle sharing the wonderful energy we had flowing and releasing some as a group to those in need and into our world and universe! I am going to end this post with a thank you all for allowing me to share some time and perhaps some smiles with you. I also would like to say thank you to all those that share and inspire us in so many ways. Thank you all for stopping by and for being you, you are the positive change our world so needs sharing your love and your smiles… Making our world a better place for all we share it with. 

I encourage you all to visit through the links above and perhaps have your lives enriched and expanded by sharing in another perspective

Namaste 

Mom … A poem for my mom.

I am grateful for your gift to me
As I free fall into my destiny
Thank you for your love
Thank you for believing in me
As I brake the chains
Being the spirit I was meant to be
Thank you for believing in me
I will meet my fate and you will see
The dreams I chase as I fall free
You are the only one who believed in me

At times no one else did not even me
Thank you for believing in me
Helping become who I was meant to be
The love you gave unconditionally
Thank you for believing in me
I love you mom thank you for having me

Thank you for allowing me to share this thought. My mom is awesome and although she will never read this… I wrote it for her and had to share it in honor of her.

Only I….

My gift only I can give

To myself so I can live


I loved so very deep

Made a promise I can not keep


I made a promise to my soul

I lost a choice beyond my control


I co created a reality

Choices made not just by me


The hardest thing I had to do

Forgiving me for losing you


I played my part

In breaking our hearts


I have forgiven you

I now forgive me too


A new start forgiveness brings

A beautiful song my heart now sings


I now know the gift I give

Forgiving myself so I can live


My heart of gold will be held again

As I forgive and begin to mend


The next time I love so very deep

I will love myself equally

As I give myself the love I need


I have changed over the last seven years in such a beautiful way, as I shared some thoughts with a friend today I found the last of the deep issues that have held me in check. Most of our issues are self created, as they say we are our own worse enemy. I have been holding on to a piece of pain like a thorn in my lions paw in a way. I could pull it out yet fear that bit of pain as it exits the wound and the blood flows so to speak. The blood from such a wound is minimal yet the pain for a moment is excruciating. The pain I have endured by not pulling the thorn has been long and shallow yet constant. As I look at the years of change and my friend expressed the change in the last year has been so profound I asked why I still felt so troubled in one aspect and one part of my life.

I had a dream that I recalled last night, for me to recall a dream from my sleep is very rare and I shared the dream and thoughts as well as the feelings I observed trying not to judge them or embrace them. We talked about my thoughts and my friend suggested it was time to embrace my part of the drama I co created and forgive myself. I realized it wasn’t the loss of my partner so to speak that I was not forgiving myself for. It was my promise to myself that I would not ruin the partnership and would do all I could do to make it my last and an everlasting relationship. Even and perhaps especially a person that has chosen to grow and change in such a deep way, with such powerful energy, from such a powerful place can make a mistake that has a very deep result.

A few years back before I really chose to be me I could have just walked away and never looked back. Now I am knowing who I am and in doing so the work of recognizing the ego and learning from it has exposed the thorn for what it is and as I pulled it much to my surprise I shed not a tear nor do I feel the pain I thought I would feel. I suppose I have grown and changed in a profound way. I forgive myself so I can live as me the beautiful soul and human being I was born to be.

I can share this thought in my way and thank you all for being part of such change in my world. I have many friends that I would have not met had I not chosen to know me and who I am. I have shaken 100’s of thousands of hands in doing so absorbed the energy of those people and shared with them mine. That in its own right is a gift many may never experience nor appreciate the significance of. The greatest gifts of love I have been receiving in the last few years and many as of late shared within the realm of technology and blogging has been a great form of sharing that love. Both sides of the coin are shared by so many beautiful people sharing their highs and lows and in turn doing the same in sharing their thoughts and comments along with the compliments and the support through those highs and lows. Much love flows in many forms and ways I am grateful for the affirmations shared by many as the love we give is equal to the love we take.

Thank you all for sharing your love as I share mine in such a positive way the simplest smile says so much on a cloudy day. Thank you for allowing me to share some thoughts and perhaps a smile or two as I put this thorn in the garbage can and dump it so it won’t get stuck in another paw. Thank you for sharing your smiles and sharing your love being the change positive, helping to make our world a better place for all we share it with! :)

400 days… A poeticly expressed sentiment.

400 days since you walked away,

 feeling like I was meant to be alone,

not to have a loving home

 the rest of my time to roam,

 or roll like a rolling stone.

 Although the time has past, my love will always last until the end of time

 forever etched in my mind

 the words I can not find to express what’s on my mind.


400 days I looked inside

 questioned my foolish pride,

 with every tear I cried the pain began to subside.

 Although no longer with you I reside,

 I feel you deep inside, a truth I can not hide.

 I told myself 400 days ago

 that’s the way it is just let it go,

 the love I have so deep in my very soul for you

 says to leave it be is best for you,

 even if it isn’t what I want to do.


 Happiness is what I want for you; I must do what I have to do, even if it hurts,

 to hurt you would be worse.

400 days of loneliness, longing for the tenderness

, feelings of despair repressed believing you would say,

sorry I walked away.

 The words I longed to hear from you,

 to know your love was true.

 the words I forgive you, sang in my heart so blue,

 I believed your heart sang them too.


400 days have past I have given up at last numb

lost all hope of ever hearing your voice, accepting your choice.

 400 days have taken their toll,

 the only thing saving me my soul, has helped me let go,

 your walking away helped me grow in a way you will never know.


400 days since you walked away,

 I am finally ready to say… i love you and its okay!


I am ready for a love that will stay, one that won’t walk away

 the love I found deep in my soul 400 days in a row.

Tears no longer flow, as the smile begins to grow

 a gift of grace from my soul

 one that you will never see,

 the beautiful smile on me

 400 days after you walked away from me.

I thank you for allowing me to share some thoughts in an artistic way. I was asked by a dear friend why I chose to express myself in such a way. I had expressed that when I feel a powerful thought or feeling I choose to share it from my heart in a loving and beautiful way. Not being one that has learned colorful expression I do the best I can to share in a non vulgar way. I am from a family of farmers and construction workers that didn’t learn to express their thoughts or feelings as men and rather than speak from their hearts they embraced the crude and vulgar ways of old. I choose to evolve and grow in a positive way leaving the vulgar and base behind expressing from both my heart and mind in a loving way that is kind. Even the negatives in our lives are positives if we change our perspectives and our attitudes. At least that is my feeling and I believe that poetic expression even basic or crudely expressed has a softer more beautiful effect on me as a human being and a writer.

Thank you for sharing with me your time in reading my posts and the smiles you share by doing so. I also wish to say thank you for being the change positive in our world sharing your love and your smiles making our world a better and more beautiful place for all we share it with. J Thank you! Peace!